Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pear Apple Sauce

With so much fruit left over we decided to make one of my favorites, Pear Apple Sauce!

Don't be intimidated. This is one of the easiest recipes ever.

Pear Apple Sauce


Apples and pears, enough to fill the crockpot
2 Tbs brown sugar
1 Cinnamon stick
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp lemon juice


1. Peel, core, and slice apples and pears into chunks. Place in large crockpot on high.

2. Add brown sugar, cinnamon stick, ground cinnamon, and lemon juice. Let cook for several hours until fruit begins to soften.

3. Stir mixture occasionally. Use potato masher to break up any large pieces. Let continue to cook until fruit is desired softness/consistency. Remove cinnamon stick before serving.

4. Enjoy! Delicious warm or cold. Can be frozen in Tupperware and enjoyed later.

This was a smaller batch. Don't be afraid to fill it to the top of the pot, it cooks down a lot.

I like having a few varieties of apples in it for a mixture of tastes and textures. You can even make it without any brown sugar or cinnamon if you want to try that variation. I've also made it with a handful of frozen berries or leftover fruit from my refrigerator tossed in. Really, there is no way to go wrong with any assortment of fruit!

One of my favorite things about it, is that it makes your house smell amazing.

Let me know if you try it!

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