Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Letter to Peter From Dad

December 9, 2011

Hello Buddy-boy,

I’ve often called you buddy-boy and it holds a special place in my heart. You are certainly my buddy and certainly my boy. I wanted to write you a letter and tell you a couple things that you might find interesting.

Your mother is a complete sweetheart. She loves you so much. She wants so much to help you be comfortable and happy. You are a lucky boy. She misses you a lot and will until she comes to join you. I hope you and Jesus can find a way to help provide her extra comfort.

If you don’t remember, your mother would largely take care of you during the morning and afternoon and I’d pick up during the evenings and nights. I became quite a night owl and enjoyed spending this quiet time with you. I always hoped I could be the one to be with you when you passed on and I am grateful you gave me that opportunity. It was truly an honor.

I’m not sure exactly how the resurrection will take place, but I have two ideas about how we’ll be reunited. I was hoping I could pick you up in San Angelo if possible. If not, I’m sure many angels will take care of you.

I also have my suspicions about your feeding tube shenanigans. I think you wanted to switch to the green tube, because that way we’d have to be closer to you during feedings. We often held you during your feedings, but with the green tube, I had to kneel by your bed and hover over you holding the syringe. That was pretty tricky of you, but I know I got to spend some intentional time with you because of it.

I know you’re in good hands now. We’re trying quite hard to keep up with all of our responsibilities. Let me know if you need anything and we’ll also route our concerns through the chain. I miss you and love you very much.

Your dad,


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  1. I sure am proud to know you (and by extension Tracy and your children) Zach. You and Tracy are the best kind of people this world has to offer. The kind of people we are all striving to be. The kind of people that look such adversity right in the eyes and even though it is so hard you still gracefully walk through it and feel all the emotions it causes and still see the beauty in every one of them. I am so moved by the courage and truth you both shared. Just as you both are so lucky to have had even one moment with Peter - he just could not have been born to a better family.


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