Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013: A French Affair

Lucy decided to be Madeline for Halloween this year and her Grandma Gayle made this awesome dress for her. We love it! It turned out amazing, and several people told Lucy that it was their favorite costume of the night.

I decided to stick with the French theme from Madeline so Clara went as Pierrot (a French clown), and Zach and I were a French couple. We found the hat for Lucy at a thrift store and I rustled up the rest of our costumes and accessories from what we had on hand, and picked up the rest from a few stores around town. I tried to gather as much as I could for the costumes before we moved, but realized after we got to San Antonio that I had forgotten a few things: black beret, red lipstick, Zach's shirt, etc. Luckily we found what we needed locally and had a great time together at the church's Trunk-or-treat!

Oh, my sweet bright eyes. 

Mes amours.

Happy Halloween!

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