Friday, December 6, 2013

New House

Here are some pictures of our house while it was under contract. We were just waiting to close before moving in.

4 bedrooms
2.5 bathrooms
Built in 2002
2796 sq ft

I've noticed that several houses on our street only have one light on one side of the garage door instead of the usual two.

Front room that leads into dining room.


Front porch, ready and waiting for a glider bench. 

The formal dining room. Ready and waiting for all the game nights!

All new carpet leading upstairs to the bedrooms.

A sneak peek into the huge master bedroom from the upstairs landing/hall.

Our lovely realtor standing in front of Lucy's room.

The fifth bedroom. Jk! The enormous master closet.

The master bath.

Lots of storage space! New tile, wood laminate floors, appliances, sink/faucet, and granite counter tops.

Living room.

You can see a little bit of the overhang from the back patio in the widow along with the shed.

Large pantry in kitchen.

We love our new house!

All the boxes were emptied by the movers so we have been organizing and putting things away for the past two weeks trying to get things in order. It's been nice to go through everything and pull out things that we don't want, need, or use to donate and get rid of.

My new philosophy is that if I don't love it, then I am not buying it! This will help me eliminate clutter and unused/unwanted items in my home for the future.

Any tips on maintaining a minimalist home only filled with things that you love, and that make you happy every time you see/use them?

I love open spaces!


  1. Lindsey's blog is amazing...and her recipes are delish!

  2. What a lovely home! I'm so excited for you guys….but still miss you.

    1. Thank you! Lots of extra rooms for guests to come visit! :D...

  3. I'm SO SO excited for you guys!!!! What a cool house!!! The only problem, can you transport it to Idaho please???? ha!

  4. Beautiful home!! So big and open. How exciting! I hope you were able to find one in a good location and a great ward!

    I also try to keep my home more on the minimalist side (or at least less cluttered). :) Some things I've learned that help: I never buy anything unless I REALLY love it, and if I'm undecided, I go home. If I'm still really wanting it the next day, I figure that means I really do want it and will use it, so I can go back and get it.

    Another thing I do, every few months I go through all the kids' toys (when they're not around to "help") and I actually just throw out a bunch of stuff. There's always strange little pieces of happy meal toys and other "junk" toys that they never play with but clutter up the space. If there's a toy that really just hasn't been used, I give it to the DI/goodwill. I find that my kids are actually much happier and play better with LESS toys.

    I think mostly you just have to be aware of the things that you really use in your everyday life, and not be afraid to throw out/give away/sell the rest. Keep only the things that are useful and beautiful. You have a fantastic sense of style already, I'm sure your home is going to be gorgeous!

  5. congrats on the new house! we just moved into our new house just a few months ago..


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