Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chalkboard Art: January

Here it is! My first attempt at chalk lettering. 

Board primed and ready to go.

Staring it off, trying to get spacing and lettering right.

Using my computer for references. 

Chalk and white chalk pencil from my head and figure drawing classes. Is it nupastel?

Taking it's rightful place in our home.

Things I learned:

1. While drawing use a rag in your non-drawing hand to brace against the board, so that your hand/fingers won't leave prints/dark spots.

2. Use references for fonts and drawings- duh.

3. Use a ruler.

4. Plan letter and word spacing better next time.

5. Take a picture and look at it on your computer before deciding if it is really done yet or not. It was easier to see the imperfections in a picture than in real life because it gave me some distance and I could see all of it at once.


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