Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Years Eve 2013

New Years eve was always a highlight of the year when I was a teenager. I loved dressing up and going to the church dance with my best friends and brother and dancing the night away. 

At my dad's house before the dance we would have king crab legs, steamed clams with melted butter, reindeer sausage with crackers, and pot stickers. Yum! 

Scotty and I partying like it was 1999/2000!

Since moving to Texas we have celebrated New Years by having yummy food and hanging out.  



The past couple years we have gone out for sushi- my favorite! 


We invited several of our friends from church to join us this year and we had a good time celebrating the end of the year. 

What New Years Eve traditions do you celebrate?

PS. If anyone wants to send me Alaskan King Crab for next year, I would graciously accept it. :)


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