Saturday, February 1, 2014

Six Flags

One of the amazing Christmas gifts we got from Andrew was tickets to Six Flags! We all had an great time! It was so much fun!

Lucy loved all the rides and characters. Good thing we dressed warm, it was freezing that day! The free-refill hot chocolate mug we bought was definitely worth the cost!

I loved the shows and rollercoster Zach and I rode, and enjoyed spending some time on a few ride with my Lullabelle girl.

Teacup ride

Canadian Flag Man!

Clara enjoyed being cocooned in several layers of clothes, blankets, and booties.

Clara was a hit with the cast members. 

Even in the freezing cold Six Flags was so fun! It definitely made the lines shorter. Maybe we will get season passes one year! The water park section was closed, but would definitely be fun in the summer months and a good way to spend hot Texas days.

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