Saturday, December 17, 2016

Welcome to Alaska: Dec. 16-17, 2016

This year we went back to Alaska to visit my family for Christmas break. I was so excited to have my kids experience a "white Christmas." I was praying that the weather would cooperate and that we would have LOTS of beautiful snow, just not when we were trying to fly in or out of the state!

I was studying the weather report the weeks leading up to our trip, and luckily it looked like things were in our favor. We excitedly went thrift shopping for cold weather clothes and packed our bags!

We left Texas December 16 with a return flight for new years eve, December 31, just in time for Lucy to start school Monday January 2nd.

First up: Anchorage Airport!

We made it! The welcoming committee was excited to see us.

Second up: Brunch at my cousin Natalie's house!

Adorable line up of second cousins. Or once removed. Or something.
Lucy (6), C (6), E (4), Clara (3), Henry (1), O (1).

Us hungry pregnant women enjoying our second brunch a few hours later. Gotta feed those growing babies!

Lucy's snow dreams come true!

Henry enjoying the swing

Amazing view from their back yard. 

Mini snowman making

Adorable-barely-noticeably-pregnant Natalie. <3

Time to relax and watch Rudolph. 

A perfect start to our Alaskan Christmas vacation! Oh how I wish more family lived closer! <3

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