Saturday, December 10, 2016

Texas Christmas 2016

In anticipation of being in Alaska for Christmas break, we decided to celebrate with my in-laws and the kids before leaving so we wouldn't have to bring presents for them to open to Alaska.

We set up the tree and a few Christmas decorations to enjoy for the few weeks before heading out.

Notice that the tree got lights, but I never got around to putting any other decorations on it knowing it wouldn't be up for long.

Starting Christmas off right with a visit to Bass Pro Shops!

"Christmas Eve"

Excited and ready to go downstairs!

My exciting haul.
Note: Compression socks recommended by my eye Dr. to help prevent future blood clots while flying to AK.
Not pictured: the chalk board eraser that made all my Christmas wishes come true. Thanks, Zach! <3

Lucy with her spoils.

Clara's loot.

Henry's bounty.

Also not shown: All the winter clothes and gear purchased for our Alaska trip.

 Apparently I never took a picture of Zach, Kay, or Greg's gifts. Oh well.

Merry Fake Christmas!

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