Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Peter: Days 12-15

by Tracy on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 12:07am

Home at last! After a successful test run at the hospital last night, Peter and I came home exhausted from the long day and happy to finally be home.  After unloading the bags and bags of medical equipment and supplies from the car, everyone promptly took a nap.  Including Peter, me, Zach, Lucy, and even Grandpa Billy.

On Friday we went to Chef Jason’s for lunch and then showed our parents the rose garden and International Lilly Garden across the street. It was an ideal day with perfect weather and the flowers were out in full-bloom.

Zach’s parents left Saturday and my dad and Gayle planned on flying out of San Antonio and heading back to Alaska Sunday morning, but my dad decided to stay last minute and Gayle returned home. I am really glad he was able to stay a little longer. It has been so nice to have him here, and we really enjoyed and appreciated the help and company of all our family that has been able to come and visit us. (I cannot say thank you enough!)  It really helps to have an extra adult around to spend time and attention on Lucy while we settle down into a routine, and try to get life back to normal. 

Last night Peter celebrated another first, his first football game with Grandpa Billy! He didn't seem that interested in it, but Grandpa enjoyed it. Peter seems to be adjusting well to life at home with his family, and Lucy seems to be adjusting to the new arrangement as well.  She has a healthy curiosity about Peter, and I think as she continues to get over her sickness, and also becomes more comfortable around him, we will let her hold him and they will have a good time together.

I think the last I heard Peter had made it back to his birth weight? (although he bounces back and forth a lot on his weight- I know he is definitely at LEAST 5lbs) and seems to be a happy and content little guy. He rarely ever makes a sound, and when he does, it is little more than a peep.  Recently he has become adept at holding his pacifier in his mouth and sucking while he is being fed through his feeding tube. We might even get him to suck at the breast down the line, but probably will never be able to get him to the point where he will be able to actually breast feed. 

Tonight Zach and I had a Family Home Evening lesson with Peter about the Articles of Faith and explained to him what they said and meant. 

We also celebrated Peter’s second week birthday, which is a little bit of a milestone because the median life for a baby with Trisomy 18 is 14.5 days, so I feel good that he was able to make that mark.  Through this experience I have reflected on many aspects of life, and gleaned many insights. One of the things that I think about frequently is the small moments we have. Celebrating the small milestones, the small victories. 

I cherish my children and hope that Zach I can drink in as many tender moments with them as we can, as we celebrate every achievement and day that we can. 

Water Lily Garden

Peter dancing to Stayin' Alive

Peter's first football game with Grandpa Billy

Ready to go home!

Lucy is excited to welcome Peter home!

Happy two week birthday, Peter! 

Baby booties for Peter = galoshes. 

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