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Baby Peter: Days 9-11 Update

by Tracy on Friday, October 14, 2011 at 1:06am

Day 11: October 13, 2011

Peter had his first bath! Finally! It only took a week and a day. On Tuesday I gave him a sponge bath with the guidance of one of the great nurses that is taking care of Peter.  He did not like his body being washed, but after being wrapped up in warm blankets, he really seemed to enjoy his head massage/head wash. I don’t blame him, my favorite part of getting my hair done is the shampoo/massage too. He was squeaky clean and has now transitioned into wearing clothes full time!

My dad and step-mom Gayle were able to fly down from Alaska on Tuesday to meet Peter and spend some time with our family. It was so wonderful to see them holding Peter and giving him love and affection. He is one loved baby. Both Zach’s parents and mine will be here until Saturday and I wish they all could stay longer, but am SO grateful that they have all been able to come meet Peter.  I only wish more family members and loved ones could have the opportunity to meet him before he passes from this life.

If no one meets your baby and then they die, it’s almost like they never existed. To outsiders it seems that you’re pregnant, and then you’re not, and nothing is different. You go back to how things were before. Mom, Dad, and Lucy. They never saw or met the baby, so it feels like nothing really changed from before you had them.

It’s important for me that Peter’s life is acknowledged and that his presence is felt, so I am very interested in family and loved ones having the opportunity to know him as much as possible.

On Wednesday we had the Bishop, my dad, and Zach’s dad give Peter a name and a blessing in the NICU.  Gayle, Kay, Lucy and I were there to listen as Zach gave the blessing (Kay and Lucy via cell phone from my hospital room because Lucy seemed to be getting a cold and we didn’t want her infecting any of the NICU babies). The nurses set up some privacy screens around Peter’s crib area and we were able to give him his blessing with relative privacy. I was so glad that my dad was able to be there for that special event in Peter’s (and my) life. I had really wanted him to be able to be there for Lucy’s blessing, but it didn’t work out and so had wanted to make it happen for our next child, whenever that would be. It really meant a lot to me that my dad could be there, and be a part of blessing his grandson.  I’ve really enjoyed sitting with them and talking as we take turns holding Peter, and having them over for dinners and playing games with Zach and his parents as well.  

Lucy has also really enjoyed having some of her grandparents here to visit and play with her. Nana and Grandpa Greg went to Walmart today and she had a fun time playing with a light-up bouncy ball and other toys in the kids section. The best part was that she played with the toys and then was done with them and Nana didn’t even have to buy them for her to enjoy them! (Which makes me happy because the last thing we need is more toys to fill up her play pen and toy box.) Lucy also had a fun time this evening dancing and singing to a song that grandpa Billy played on our “new” lap harp that Greg brought with them from Iowa. She makes me laugh every day, and I am glad that she is able to spend this time with her grandparents and make good memories and experiences with them.

We also had good news on Wednesday that Peter was probably as stable as he was going to get, and that we could start thinking about taking him home. They want us to do a dry run at the hospital in my room with Peter staying overnight with us so that they can make sure that we are ready to take care of him alone at home by ourselves. This involves giving him his feeding and medication at 6pm, feeding him every three hours after that, changing diapers, and checking his feeding tube placement and residuals in his stomach before every feeding.

We were supposed to do the dry run tonight, and bring Peter home tomorrow (Friday), but last night Lucy was sounding horrible and we ended up taking her to the ER to get her checked out. About 6 months ago she had croup and was hospitalized overnight, and this sounded similar, but even worse than she had six months before. The ER determined that she does have croup again, and Zach has a little bit of a cold as well, so the dry run and bringing Peter home has been postponed until she is well and Zach is feeling better. This is a disappointment to me, as I am now more than ready for Peter to be at home with us, and also wish that he could come home while our parents are still here in town to spend time with us.  Traveling back and forth to the hospital is wearing thin on me, and I long for the comforts of home and family. I don’t like to be apart from Zach and Lucy for such long periods of time, and I miss being at home with them. But the last thing we need is three sick people in the house, and we hope that Zach and Lucy both feel better and get well soon so that Peter can come home to us and complete our family.

Peter is currently at 1/8th on oxygen, at 100% concentration. His color has looked really good the past two days, and he is a calm and seemingly happy baby.  Here’s to a speedy and full recovery for Zach and Lucy, and a successful dry-run for Zach and me after that!

Happy to finally be able to give Peter a bath.

Peter upset at being wet and cold.

Peter loving his head massage/wash.

Family time.

Happy to be together.

Peter getting some help from Grandpa Billy.

Proud Parents/Grandparents

The Priesthood.

Peter looking adoringly at his Grandpa Billy.

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