Friday, July 20, 2012

Art Lesson: Clear Glue and Oil Pastels

Inspiration for this project found here.

Clear glue
Oil pastels

1. Draw picture using clear glue. Overlap objects to create depth.

2. Let dry over night.

3. Choose a color for a section and fill in paper area in between glue lines. Draw darker on the outer sides of the egg, gradually getting lighter as you get to the center to create the illusion of roundness. Use white in the middle, gradually blending with the original color as it gets closer to the edges. 


  1. We did something similar in elementary school. It was on black paper and we did fall leaves. It was so fun!

    1. Cool! It is always fun to draw with something unusual/different and experiment too. :) I think black paper would be my personal preference, but I'm not opposed to just going with the flow and whichever color of paper we pulled out that day.


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