Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gilded Sketch Book Tutorial

I finally got around to adding a "gilded" edge to my sketchbook.  I used gold paint as a thrifty way to get the pretty effect I was going for.  

Here is my attempt!

Gold paint
Sponge brush
Binder clip

1. Make pages as uniform and clean cut as possible. On my rounded corners where the paper doesn't match up perfectly, the effect doesn't look as nice. 

2. Use binder clip to keep pages lined up as you paint.

3. Squirt a small amount of pain onto a plate and drag it out to make a thin line of paint on the edge of your brush.

4. Dry brush the paint onto the end of the book taking care to keep the book cover out of the way. Keep the brush fairly dry and use stipple to get an even coat. 

5. After doing a section on one edge, slide the clip down and finish that side. 

6. *Important! After finishing one side completely, open the book and gently separate every page so that they don't dry stuck together.

7. After top side is completely dry, rotate and repeat steps all around the sides of the book. Make sure to separate and dry each side completely before moving on to the next side of the book.

Stipple until you have a uniform amount of paint on the edge of the brush.

Separate each page as it dries so that they don't get glued together.

I love the addition of the gilded edge on my sketchbook. It elevates it, giving it a little extra something, and makes it a little bit more special.

This would be a great way to add a personalized touch to a journal or book as a gift.

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