Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fill A Frame

I have a thrifted frame that I refinished that I wanted to include on my gallery wall for the guest room, but didn't have a plan of what to put in it yet. I tried putting my mini Turkish rug in it, but later found a better fitting frame for it. I decided to just spray paint the cardboard backing and let Lucy draw all over it in the same colors as the other pieces in the gallery. 

I love how it turned out for a short project for Lucy and a temporary solution for what to put in it. She points it out to me every time we go in the guest room that there is her "artwork".

Mini Turkish rug in frame = No go

The end product!

Down the road we will probably put something else in this frame (possibly another Lucy original), but for now it serves it purpose by filling up an empty frame so that we can add it to the guest bedroom gallery wall.

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  1. Her hair is getting so long and big girl looking. The boys want to know if she's "actually talking...not just toddler words".


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