Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lucy's Room: Gallery Wall

One of my goals for the year was to frame and hang old treasures and I have been meaning to make a few gallery walls.  I finally got around to it and made a mini gallery in Lucy's room.

The configuration is not the best/most balanced but ultimately I was just happy to get them up on the wall and out of the guest room! I would also like to paint the frame of the cross-stitched poem white to match the rest of the gallery, but it is professionally framed and I would have to take apart the whole thing to do so. We will see!

Gotta love double light switches!

The final product!

Before: Two pictures hung on random nails that were already in the wall
Before: pink/peach frames

After: White frames

This was an early Christmas gift from Zach's parents when Zach and I were dating.  We went to meet his family in Iowa for Thanksgiving.

The whole deal.

Cross-stitched for Zach when he was a baby by a dear family friend and passed down to Lucy and Peter.

Gift from dear friend when Peter died.

Lucy loving her baby brother.


Dating picture of me and Zach in a pressed flower frame from my old YW leader,  baby picture of me, thrifted lace table runner.


  1. That's really sweet Tracy. I'm glad you were able to get this one done especially. <3


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