Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Peter's Memorial: Eleven Months

Lucy and I have been visiting Zach's parents in Iowa for six weeks while Zach is in training for work. It has been wonderful to spend time with them and have a break from daily life and responsibilities in Texas. 

For Peter's eleven month memorial we went to the cemetery where Zach's grandparents and uncle are buried to release the balloon.

Zach's Uncle Max died earlier this year after struggling with esophageal cancer for two years. 

Out of all of Zach's extended family, Max was the one who made me feel the most loved when we were married. Max made a video slide show of pictures from our childhoods, courtship, and wedding in Alaska to show at our reception in Iowa. 

When we got to the chapel for the reception and met for the first time, I remember him telling me that he felt like he already knew me so well just from making the video for us. We watched the video as a family before the reception started, and I was so touched to see so many eyes filled with tears. I felt so, so loved and accepted into this family.

Uncle Max will always hold a special place in my heart. I look forward to seeing him again. I'm glad we could go visit his grave and think about him and Peter for awhile. It makes me glad to think that he and Peter have had the chance to meet now.

Sweet, sweet boy.

This video is so special to me. I am so glad I have it. A little moment caught on camera of Peter's first smile. Melts my heart.

Grandpa Max's grave.

Kay's parents. 

Back side of gravestones.

Getting ready to send Peter his balloon. Load it up with kisses!

Uncle Max's graveside.

Aunt Patty's husband Don.

Lucy leaving a gift for Uncle Max.

We love and miss you, Uncle Max!


  1. Dude. We're in NEBRASKA which is right next to IOWA. Come see us. Or we'll come see you.

    Love you guys. Zeke just said, "Peter was so tiny. Like 3 inches."

    1. Haha. I know! He was so tiny. :)
      Please do come visit us! Lucy and I are just hanging out all day every day. We don't have regular access to a car, but I am very confident that you could even stay the night if you wanted. My in-laws have a big empty house. :)

      Also, we are planning on going to Nauvoo for a temple trip in two weekends, on the 29th. Kay and I are going to do a session while Greg watches Lucy. It would be really cool to meet up with you there too if you are interested.

    2. I'll call or text you later tonight. We have lots of meetings going on today so it might be tomorrow. Where are you?

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Amanda! I was so happy to have gotten it caught on camera. :)


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