Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Finally getting closer to the big day!

Here is how we celebrated Christmas Eve this year: We did it twice!

Since my brother Boyd and his friend Andrew were flying in on Christmas day, we decided to wait and open presents the next day so that we could do it all together. We figured that when you are three years old, Christmas day is whatever day everyone around you tells you it is!

So, on December 24th we had some fun Christmas eve activities, and continued doing a few more on December 25th, only to open presents and truly celebrate on December 26th with Boyd and Andrew!

It went great!

A walk around the block looking at Christmas decorations and singing Christmas songs.

Amazing homemade tamales and cookies from our thoughtful neighbors!

Hot chocolate, popcorn, pajamas, and The Nutcraker on Netflix.

Hand drawn artwork on gift wrapping.

The bounteous bread fairy came. Ie: Uncle Boydie!

Twins in red!

Sooo excited to have Uncle Boydie finally here!

Clara rocking her new outfit from Nana!

Proudly displaying her new Christmas pj's from Nana.

Zach's Christmas wish came true: Someone to play games with!

Card display

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