Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013: Present Time

On "Christmas Morning" we had a great time opening presents and hanging out.

The traditional morning treat feast.

Lucy's Christmas wish came true! After telling Santa so many times, she got her very own water table from Uncle Boydie!

Opening her first present Christmas morning.

Modeling her new hair clip from Aunt Emily!

Thanks for the cute jacket, Grandma Gayle!

Loving her new book, too!

Clara's favorite present, tissue paper! Thanks, Lucy!

Clara's Christmas wish came true! Tags to chew on!

Thanks for the awesome game, Stephen and Raven!



Clara trying out her new book from Grandma Gayle & Grandpa Billy!

Thanks for the glasses, Lucy!

Thanks for the scarf, Emily! Thanks for the snood, Kay! I love them!

This year when talking about Christmas with Lucy instead of asking her "all" the things she wanted to receive, we listened as she shared her one wish, and then instead of asking her, "what else?", we would then ask her what she planned on giving. We tried to change the focus from insisting that she have a list of many items to rattle off at a moments notice, to thinking about how the season was about giving to those around you. We talked about it and she had a nice little list of what she was going to give each family member. We had a fun time going shopping together and letting her pick out gifts. Sunglasses for dad, earrings for mom, and church shoes for Clara.

Since Clara needed to wear the shoes before Christmas came, we just had an empty box under the tree and planned on putting the shoes in Christmas eve so that she could open them the next morning.

Christmas morning came around and Boyd helped Clara open her present from Lucy. We had a big laugh when we realized that we had forgotten to put the shoes back in. Clara still enjoyed her box full of tissue paper, which is all a baby really wants for Christmas anyway.

Merry Christmas to all!

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