Sunday, June 15, 2014

Envelope Drawings

Another fun goal for the year was to draw more and I was inspired by this post which showed envelope drawings.

I started by illustrating the envelopes of thank you notes we were sending out, along with some random "letters" that Lucy insisted on mailing. Then I posted the finished products on my Instagram.

Then I decided to decorate all the envelopes that went with my visiting teaching letter route. Which ended up being seventeen?

I really enjoyed this project! It can be hard to find suitable photo references, especially when looking for so many! I like the first batch of realistic black and white flower drawings best, but I think I might need to get a flower book for future drawings.


  1. Awesome! I loved the Poppy and the Lilac the best. Fabulous!

    1. Thanks, Amy! My husband thought the poppy had thorns, but I explained to him that they were hairs, duh. ;)


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