Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Secret to A Happy Marriage

I was listening to the radio a couple of weeks ago and I heard a clip about a woman who answered a question posed by a magazine that she read. The question was: What is the secret to a happy marriage?

She immediately knew what the secret was and sent in her answer. She kept it as a surprise for her husband and showed it to him when it was actually published.

Can you guess what their secret was?

NPR! (National Public Radio) She went on to explain that as busy parents with jobs and hectic lives, they have found a way to reconnect by listening to NPR. It gives them something to talk about, and share with each other, besides work and kids.

Sometimes they both hear the same segments and talk about their thoughts and reactions together, other times one of them might have missed part of the episode and the other will be able to fill them in.

I love this!


Since moving to a new town, all my preset radio stations are all messed up by living in a new area. Usually when driving in the car I listen to any oldies station I can find and that is pretty much it. Once I borrowed Zach's car to run errands and discovered that he had the radio tuned to the NPR station. I hadn't ever listened to it before, and quickly discovered that I loved it!

Now whenever I drive I have the radio in my car tuned to the local NPR station as the default. Sometimes I am so fascinated by the stories that I don't want to get out of the car when I reach my destination.

Zach and I enjoy listening to NPR so much that he subscribes to the This American Life podcast and we listen to it together for mini date nights.

Even on our way to church on Sunday mornings A Way With Words is on, and it always gets me thinking. I love all the interesting ideas and stories they share about words and language.

Another great program that is part of NPR is Story Corps. If you haven't already seen the Youtube videos that Story Corps puts together, you are missing out! They are so good, and always touch my heart.

I completely agree that NPR is a great secret to a happy marriage. It gives us something new and interesting to discuss and share with each other. I love talking about the ideas and stories we hear, and love the questions and discussions they prompt.

If you haven't already tuned in, I highly recommend it!

Does anyone else listen to NPR and love it? Any particular segments/shows I should check out?

On the other hand, does anyone else have any other secrets to a happy marriage that they want to share?

Here is some of my NPR favorites to get you started:

The town where everyone talks about death: Here and here
The seven things you're not supposed to talk about: Here
Story Corps: Here
A Way With Words: Here


  1. It took me 5 or 6 years before I finally warmed up to NPR lol. Jimmy listens to it any time we drive anywhere. Our favorites are: Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me! and Click & Clack. LOL! Ok, our favorites TOGETHER. ;) Great insight, I can definitely see how this can get the communication going!

    1. Haha! Zach really likes Car Talk too. I don't care about cars at all, but I love Click and Clack. :) They are great radio hosts. I love their sense of humor.

  2. We listen to NPR as well. I love Ira Glass and "This American Life" too. Also, enjoy TED radio hour. We both enjoy talking about music too, so All songs considered is fun, and Booker is always up on his news, so to keep up. I listen to "All Things Consider" too. We also share funny youtube videos with each other. He has such a different sense of humor than I do, but its funny to keep tabs on those things.

    1. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

      I love TED talks too! I watched them from their website all the time when I was first nursing Clara and was up all hours of the night.

      I also love how much better informed I am with the news bits in between shows.


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