Friday, June 6, 2014

Hers and Mine Artwork

Two of the fun things I wanted to do this year was draw more, and share more art.

I decided to start a series of drawing with Lucy called "Hers and Mine" and posted the results on Instagram.

Here are the results so far!

The start: Lucy not really grasping my vision of matching drawings yet.
Photo reference from an Google Image search.

One of my favorites! Matching Anchorage Alaska Temples.

A mother baboon and her baby: Photo reference from Reed Miller

Butterfly: Photo reference from kids book.

Tractor: Photo reference from kids book.

Piglet: Photo reference from a kids book.

The woodland kingfisher: Image reference from Reed Miller.

Lucy loves looking through animal pictures on my computer to pick out our next subject matter for these drawings.

This was a great opportunity to teach Lucy some drawing skills, and was a fun drawing exercise to do together. Hopefully Lucy will be interested in continuing it in the future!

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