Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Art Projects 2014

Here are some art projects Lucy and I worked on this year.

An old pen drawing from 2012's goal that I decided to watercolor over, while Lucy did her own paintings. 

Coloring the foam star for the top of her wand.

Lucy working on making her own wand. 

Lucy got an Ed Emberly book from Boyd for her birthday. I showed her how to follow each step in the book in order to create each creature. You can see my example, and her creation right next to it. These were so much fun to do together. 

The monkeys.

I woke up to this Valentine on my night stand one morning. What a sweetie. 

Lucy's pumpkin patch. 

Lucy's first castle. 

A really fun Hers and Mine project. Used flaps from cardboard boxes to draw ornaments with permanent marker. Then let Lucy use markers and colored pencils to decorate them. 

And mine. I used a gold pen, silver permanent marker, colored pencils, and a fine tip permanent marker to outline. I loved this project. It was relaxing to work on while watching Christmas movies together. 

I found this note folded up in a little tube in my bathroom. Lucy said it was for Clara. 

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