Saturday, January 10, 2015

Daughter's Choice Awards

The Young Women hosted a red carpet event honoring their mothers. Each girl filled out a sheet nominating their mom for an award that they thought best highlighted the talents and strengths of their own mom.

There was also a place to write their mom's favorite actresses, so that they would be in good company while reading each nomination.

It was a really fun night, and the other leaders put together a beautiful event with a red carpet walk for the moms which included paparazzi (all the young women and leaders) taking pictures and cheering , MCs handing out awards, chocolate fondue, and a photo wall to take pictures together afterwards.

I loved hearing what each young women admired about their own mother. It was especially interesting to see what several sisters said about their shared mom.

Winner of "Best Mom and Friend" award, and her daughter in back. 

It was a fun night, and I hope they decide to do it again next year!

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