Monday, January 5, 2015

Clara Update: Start of 2014

Clara's highlights from the beginning of the year. Could also be called, "Happy Baby & Helmets"

Getting measured for her helmet!

Happy baby. 

Snuggling with Dad, so happy at her midnight pit stop on her way back to bed after nursing and a diaper change.

"Get in my mouth!"

Practicing waving and saying "hi".

Clara playing with all the babies at a play date our friend invited us to.

Practicing saying her favorite word, "Dad."

At her helmet appointment waiting for it to get trimmed.

Hanging out at Toys R' Us.

Hanging out with the babies at a birthday party for a friend.

Midnight nursing: Oh, the sweetness of a sleeping baby.  Snuggling the last minutes of her birthday away. 


Snuggling with mom after nursing. "Power to the people!"

Practicing outfits for family pictures.

Watching Lucy play outside in the backyard. 

Ballerina girl on tip toes.

Seeing how far we've come with the helmet, and how much further to go.

Getting measured for the second time. Half way mark.


Reading time with Dad.

After a bath, with a Guardian of Oa hair-do.

Pretty baby.

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