Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY- Spray Paint: Floral Frame

I've had this frame since the 90's. It used to sit on my various dressers in my bedroom. Here is my attempt to freshen it up, and bring it into the 2012's.

Ugly Frame
White Primer Spray Paint
White Spray Paint
Old Cardboard Box (Spray Zone)


1. Take frame apart. Remove back of frame and glass, set aside.

2. Dust and clean frame with damp rag. Let dry.

3. Place frame on old cardboard and spray with Primer, according to directions on back of can. Let dry.

4. Spray with white spray paint according to directions on back of can. Let dry.

5. Rotate frame and turn over to make sure you get it covered evenly. Spray again. Let dry between coats.

6. Wash glass and let it dry. When frame and glass are completely dry reinsert glass, insert photograph and close back of frame.

7. Revel in your accomplishment.

Be jealous.

Ready for a picture and Lucy's room. 

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