Friday, March 16, 2012

Garden: 2012

When we first moved to Texas three years ago I was super excited to start a garden. For Valentine's Day 2009 Zach bought me roses, seed packets, a big bag of dirt, and those little starter dirt pucks that you add water to and they pop up to become mini planters. (Who doesn't love those?)

I planted an assortment of herbs in my pop up planters and waited in anticipation. Fast forward to two weeks later and all the dirt pods looked like they had spores growing on them. Ew. Disappointed, they got tossed out and the remaining seed packets were stashed away on top of the fridge.

Be still my heart. 

The original  stash from Valentine's 2009.

This year I decided to try again and decided to just plant them directly into some random pots that we inherited when we bought our house that were filled with soil.

I filled one pot with sweet peas, and another pot with chives. It seems like every other recipe I try calls for chives, and I never have any on hand. Growing up we had a big batch of chives in the back yard that was used often for dinner.

Sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers. They smell so good and are so pretty.

Who knows if anything will even grow, but I figured I would at least try and see if I can enjoy some fruits of my labor. Maybe if it works out I will start to branch out and plant a few more pots.

Left: Chives    Right: Sweet Peas

Here's hopin'!


  1. I had a whole potted porch garden at our last apartment--everything grew but only for a little while. I think mine died due to too shallow pots and starting them too late (I didn't know). The peas grew beautifully until they got scorched by the hot sun! I've always wanted to have things like chives, scallions, tomatoes, lettuce, or green onions on hand--let me know how your garden does! That's exciting!

    1. I will! Let me know if you try again, and what worked best for you. I saw starters for herbs, peppers, and tomatoes at the grocery store yesterday, and am tempted to buy some if my seeds don't end up working. :)


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