Thursday, April 5, 2012

Library Book Sale: 2012

I love the annual library book sale! I'm always on the lookout for old favorite childhood books, awesome coffee table books (love me some Norman Rockwell to add to my growing collection), old copies of comic books, and new and interesting reads for youth to add to our personal library. 

My absolute favorite is volunteering to set up the day before. Not only can you browse the books before anyone else, but you get to keep an entire box of books for free. For freeeeee! An awesome deal if ever there was one. 

Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to volunteer this year, but I didn't mind paying the $24.25 for the box of books I did bring home. 

Atlas: $1.50,  Norman Rockwell: $12.00,  Norman Rockwell Illustrator: $4.00
Big Children's books: (4) $0.50 each = $2.00

Little children's books:  $0.25 each 

So many treasures!

Contact your local library and find out when their sale is, and then let me know what great finds you take home with you!

What favorite childhood books would you add to your library?

Ps.  If anyone finds any other tapes and books from Early World of Learning for cheap, hook a sister up and help make my dream come true. :)


  1. I just went to a library sale yesterday. I'm afraid I spent more than you and brought home MUCH more than you did. But they are such wonderful treasures. It makes me sad that so many good books are no longer available to the general public....but excited for me and my kids!

    Happy reading.

    1. When you were here, how did you know when to go volunteer? Did you sign up for some sort of newsletter?
      I heard about the sale the morning it started! I felt so unprepared. :)

  2. When you sign up to be a Friend of the Library, there is a spot on the application form where you can mark that you want to volunteer and they'll email you next year. If you didn't fill out that application, then you can contact them here - You'll see Connie's phone number listed under Volunteering.

    You can help with the yearly sale, help at the bookstore in the library and/or help sort books throughout the year. Here in NE they usually have "ongoing" sales, which means there is a room or basement full of books for sale and they just add to it whenever they can. It's not as fun as having it for 3 days, once a year, but it's easier in a way because you can come and go as you want throughout the year. I'm just always so sure I'm going to miss a great book!

    And while you're asking about favorite childhood books -
    Aesop's Fables - illustrated by Milo Winter
    the Margaret Wise Brown books - Goodnight Moon, Red Barn, etc.
    Dr. Seuss - all of them
    P.D. Eastman books
    Milk & Cookies - Frank Asch
    May We Sleep Here Tonight?
    Tikki Tikki Tembo
    Caps for Sale
    a good nursery rhymes book
    Eric Carle books - love them all
    the Angus books by Marjorie Flack
    the McDuff books by Rosemary Wells
    Going on a Bear Hunt
    Five Monkeys Jumping on a Bed
    Corduroy books
    Raggedy Ann & Andy books

    Oh, dang, my list is going to be super, duper long. I'll stop there but if you want more I can email the list to you.


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