Sunday, April 29, 2012

Outfit: Green Skirt, Aladdin Shoes

What I wore to church:

Shirt: Dillards (free hand-me-up from younger sister. It was her bridesmaid shirt from our wedding reception. Thanks, Em!)
Shoes: Free hand-me-up from sister
Skirt: Thrifted for $0.99 
Belt: From maternity maxi-dress from Motherhood Maternity
Earrings: CZ Studs, gift from hubby

I love this skirt! I found it last week for $0.99 at a thrift store. It is the perfect kelly green, silky, and machine washable! 

Here is some Pinspiration on the matter, and some ideas for next time:

Pinned Image
Plain white T. Found here.

Pinned Image
Navy T. Found here.

Pinned Image
Navy stripes, big necklace.  Found here.

Pinned Image
Navy stripes and white T. Found here.

Pinned Image
Hot pink.  Found here.

Pinned Image
Graphic T. Found here.

Pinned Image
Polka dots. Found here.

Pinned Image
With leopard. Found here.

Pinned Image
With bun, stripes, heels. Found here.

 My sister gave me these shoes two years ago. They are so weird. I love them.

Neither of these pictures does them justice. The toes are incredibly pointy and curl up and the ends. Very elfish/1001 Arabian Nights. They also have beads, sequins, embroidery, and are both black and brown. A color combination that I was always against, but has apparently become very fashion-forward. So fashiony!


  1. Oooo pretty skirt Tracy! I love the color and the length. Very classy. I think I like it best with the navy top.

  2. I love it, Plus if you want to you can play with the shoes and it changes things. But i love it! You look Fabulous!


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