Monday, January 21, 2013

Gift Guide

I really enjoy giving gifts and don't mind spending money on something as long as I know the person receiving it will love it, but sometimes it can be hard to know what people will love!

Personally, I love it when friends and family members have an Amazon wishlist so that you can pick something that they will definitely be happy to get. (Because they picked it out and requested it.) You can even add things from other stores/websites to your Amazon list so that all your dream items can be found on one easy list. There is also a place to add comments on each item, such as size and color preferences, and a way to itemize each item by priority so that people looking at your list can see which items you want the most. 

One last reason I love Amazon wish lists is that I can buy someone a gift spur of the moment and it will automatically be delivered to them. You can even buy e-books for people and they will be able to download them to their own e-reader. So handy. It makes gift-giving easy and stress free, and the recipient is always surprised and delighted to get something they have been wishing for. 

For some people this registry format of gift-giving spoils all the fun of giving a gift. I still think wish lists are effective in these cases as a resource to see their tastes and preferences. Wish lists are helpful either way, even if you decide to stray from their specified list. 

Here is a gift guide I've put together for the different people in your life to help get the ideas flowing.

For Couples: 

1. Movie ticket vouchers with a note attached including your services as a free babysitter for when they use them. 

2. A new board game in the same vein you already play with them, and you know they like. 
I recommend Curses and Avalon for anyone that loves to laugh. 

3. Gift card for a local restaurant. 

For Sisters:

Image 1 of ASOS Faux Fur Snood

2. Hanae Mori: My new favorite perfume

Gift Boutique Fortune Cookie Box

For Moms:

Glitter Tart Server

3. Bringing Up Bebe by: Pamela Druckerman

For Dads:

1. Tickets to a favorite sporting event, concert, or play

2. DVD set of their favorite television show

Get Smart - The Complete Series Gift Set

3. Magazine subscription to Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, etc.

The Complete National Geographic on 7 DVD-ROMs

For Teens:

1. Teenage Beauty by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty

2. Comfort Chair: Great for camping, sports events, and picnics.

Crazy Creek Comfort Chair

3. Birchbox Subscription: For her, or him.

For Kids:

1. Crayon Maker: Recycles leftover crayon pieces into new crayons. You can even combine colors to make new colors.

Crayola Crayon Maker

For Brothers:

3. WeWood Watch: So many cool watches to choose from.


For Your Sweetheart:

3. Gift certificate for a couple's massage

What kinds of things would you gift for these categories?

What is on your wish list? I always like hearing recommendations! 

1 comment:

  1. That crayon maker is AMAZING!!!

    I am going to give Steven a movie ticket voucher thingy for a movie date night. He loves going out and I can't stand movie theaters, so he'll know that it's really, really from the heart ;) For the kiddos I will probably just grab a couple dollar store toys.

    I saw this heart attack in a box thing on pinterest, and I think that if we do send gifts to my in-laws and parents, we'll do something like that. Maybe spend an FHE writing things that we love about them on a ton of cut out hearts, then mail them closer to valentine's day.


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