Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twelve for 2012

Sometimes we get discouraged about all the things we didn't do- goals we failed to achieve, or just things we didn't make the time for. Instead of lamenting and feeling guilty about what we missed, let's focus on some of the positive, uplifting, and even hard things we've done this year- even if they were unplanned and not a "goal".

Here are Twelve Awesome Accomplishments for 2012.

1. Survived allergy testing and having allergy shots twice a week for months:

This was put on hold when our insurance changed, but eventually I will get back on them for another 2-5 years. Yay.

FYI: I am allergic to every kind of grass they tested me with (bermuda, johnson, rye), short ragweed, false ragweed, careless ragweed/pigweed, mesquite trees, household mite, and TOE (whatever that is?) So, basically I am allergic to west Texas!

The good news is that my allergies aren't going to kill me, they just make me break out in rashes and itch really bad.

2. Made homemade bread. Mmmm:
I borrowed our friends bread machine and made several loaves of whole wheat bread. Yum!

3. Downsized:

I've been feeling particularly crowded in our home lately and have been donating and giving away lots of unused items that we've been "saving". It feels so good to de-clutter and have more empty spaces in my home instead of the constant visual stimulation of piles and stacks of items. I love having emptiness and a space that is calming instead of filled to capacity, which stresses me out.

Also, I want the possessions we do own to be things I truly love and that make me happy each time I look at them.

4. Created a blog and posted fairly regularly:

I've really enjoyed documenting our lives and my thoughts on The Podge Files this past year. I still have lots more I want to write about and share. I look forward to this new year and what it will bring.

5. Was asked to be a regular contributor to Swag on, Momma!, a blog created by my dear friend/cousin:

It's a place for women to congregate and share the joys (and struggles) of life together in an effort to uplift and inspire one another. I am so excited to be a part of this community! I love it already.

6. Taught art lessons:

I really enjoyed being able to share my passion and talents with others as I taught several young ladies weekly art lessons. I am taking a break from teaching right now, but look forward to continuing again in the future. See here, here, and here.

7. Made it through a year of being president of the women's organization of my local church congregation:

Sometimes I felt like I was doing awesome, other times I felt like I was failing, but I made it through a year and hopefully learned, grew, and helped other people during my time of service in this capacity.

8. Bought a "new" car:

After our old Durango broke down repeatedly we finally found a new car for Zach to use and take to work. It is so nice to be able to be a two car family again and be able to run errands and go to appointments during the day.

9. Taught Lucy How To:

Pray, fold her arms, identify colors, sing several songs, dance, give massages, help put away clean dishes, put dirty dishes in the sink/dishwasher, fill her own cup with water, put books in the bookshelf, put her clean clothes away, put her dirty clothes in the appropriate hamper, load and move the laundry along, watercolor, pick out matching outfits, and dress herself.

It's been a good year for Lucy and may I just say that nothing is sweeter than hearing your child say their own prayers or singing songs to you. Melts my heart.

10. Spent my first night away from Lucy:

This wasn't that big of a deal to me, mostly I was just worried about her behaving herself while we were away on our anniversary trip. Luckily, she did!

11. Worked out:

Since buying our Cardio Dual Trainer I have worked out more in the past year than I ever have before in my life. I was pretty consistent for quite a few months, then took a break, and have started back up again recently.

I hate sweating, but I feel so good about myself when I do work out.

12. Learned how to make Pho:

My friend from church had me over for lunch and gave me the recipe for homemade Pho. I made it for a dinner party and had friends over. It was a delicious success, and thinking about it makes me want to make it again. Mmmm.

How about you? What accidental/unplanned accomplishments did you achieve this year?

My mantra for the past few months has been:

"I can do hard things."


  1. GO TRACY!!!! I love them all, though I feel quite partial to number 5! :) I also downsized this year, when we moved and WOW...it's bliss to feel organized without extra, unused STUFF filling all storage spaces.

    1. Thanks, Amy! :D
      I know! I have been cleaning and downsizing the past two days and it feels great to throw away junk, and line up bags to donate. Bliss. :)

      PS. I love organizing! So therapeutic.

  2. You are awesome! Your whole list wowed me. I've loved reading your blog this past year and will love it even more in 2013, I'm sure :)

    1. Thank you, Brooke! :D And thank you so much for reading. :)
      PS. I tried to enter your CD giveaway but messed up my entry. Haha. Am I still entered? :) It was the deleted comment? Should I re-enter?


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