Monday, March 25, 2013

Lucy's Scrapbook

Lucy always wants to look at my Peter book, pictures on my computer, and the little photo album of her ultrasound pictures that used to reside in her room. I'm always protective of my Peter book, and she naughtily took her ultrasound pictures out of the baby album, so I decided we should make a scrapbook/photo album of her own that she could look at whenever she wants and that I don't have to worry about her ruining. 

We already had a big box of kids scrap booking stuff that was a gift from one of Zach's coworkers for Lucy when Peter died. (What a great idea for a gift, huh?) 

I used duplicate photos that I had already used in Lucy's baby book to give her for her scrap book, and I let her pick out what she wanted on each page as I helped her cut and glue. 

- Scrapbook kit: Foam covers, blank pages, plastic cover sheets, stickers
- Scissors
- Scrap booking glue
- Bone folder and ruler (for scoring pages so they will bend with the spine of the book)
- Colored pencils
- Fine point pen for writing captions for pictures

Showing Dad her project and telling him about each picture.

We started with her own baby pictures and eventually we will continue to add more pages and she will have some of her and Peter to look at too.

I let her pick out the stickers and put them on herself.

Line up the ruler and use the bone folder to score the paper so that it bends naturally as you turn the pages.

Letting Lucy fill in the blank pages between the photos with colored pencil drawings.

I showed her how to trace her hands and scribble-fill the page. She loved this and wanted me to do it for her on every page.

Lucy loved showing off her own scrap book and explaining every little detail. This will be a fun project for us to work on together throughout the year as we add more pages.


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    1. So loved it! She wanted to every part of it, which makes me think I need to get her some kids scissors to start learning with. :)


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