Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pink Tea Society: February & Cupid's Float Recipe

Lucy and I had a great time at a tea party our friends hosted in February. Each of us brought a snack or treat to share, and all the littles had a blast dancing, playing, and enjoying all the yummy treats.

Lucy and I brought ingredients to make our own version of Cupid Floats, as well as giant strawberry and vanilla marshmallows with food decorating markers for the kids to decorate and draw with.

Everyone looked great in their tea-time clothes and we can't wait for the next party!

Lucy enjoying her pizza.

Baby C taking her beauty nap.

I used a small cookie scooper to make mini-sized ice cream scoops for the floats. 

Cupid's Float

- Vanilla Ice Cream (Bryers)
- Pink/red soda (IBC black cherry)
- Maraschino cherries
- Whipped cream (Cool Whip)


Dancing, dancing, everywhere. 

I love the cut lace pattern on the tea saucers!

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