Sunday, March 24, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Stamps: Valentine Heart Cards

For one of our February Advent Calender activities Lucy made Valentines for her friends and family using toilet paper rolls as stamps.

- Toilet paper roll cut in half
- Blank cards (Walmart)
- Pink and red paint
- Paper plate for paint pallet


1. Bend the TP rolls to form heart shapes.
2. Pour paint onto paper plate
3. Dip heart "stamp" into paint
4. Press stamp onto card
5. Repeat until desired outcome
6. Set card aside to dry and work on a new one

Lucy had a good time stamping away, and it was good practice for me to let her make her own art work and not micromanage it so much. I would definitely do this project again and even do new kinds of stamping with her. It was an age appropriate art project for her.

She did half of the cards with pink paint and then we switched and did the other half with red paint. After drying overnight I gave her silver and gold sharpies to draw on the cards to add more detail. Then Lucy annotated to me what to write in each one and told me who it was for. This part always makes me laugh with what she wants to say.

I like letting Lucy write cards to friends and family who are so far away. I feel like it helps her remember peoples names and who they are, and it is always a fun activity for her as well. She is always asking me if we can do artwork or a project. Makes a momma proud. :)

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