Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Cheesy New Year To You!

We celebrated the new year by hanging out with friends, playing games, and eating delicious food, including one of my favorites, cheese!

I had an assortment of cheeses already bought and realized that a new years eve party was the perfect time to eat them! Zach does not like cheese, so I have to find opportunities to share my cheesy bounty with other people that enjoy them as much as I do.

I also tried gooseberries for the first time and brought those, sliced baguettes, and walnuts. Our hosts provided the delicious jams and assorted cheesecakes! Yum!

Not pictured: white chocolate cereal mix, hot sausage dip, sodas, various flavored sparkling cider/juices, guacamole, and chips. So, so good! It was one of those nights where you are kind of full, but everything is so yummy that you want to keep eating.

Brie, goat cheese (with jam), smoked Gouda, and candied apricot cheese. Mmmm. 

We had such a great time making new friends while playing games and chatting. All the kids loved running around upstairs and playing until it was time for bed and we shuffled them all to different corners of the house to sleep while we continued parting it up downstairs until midnight while watching the countdown on TV. 

It has been so good to make friends and find people to spend time with here in our new home. I only wish we got together more often! If anyone loves cheese and/or games, let me know and we will invite you over!

Happy new year, 2015!

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