Sunday, March 1, 2015

Peter's Birthday 2014: Three Years

For Peter's birthday this year we kept it simple and did a balloon release from our front yard. Earlier in the day the girls and I met up with a friend for a pizza lunch date at Costco, and then we ran errands and found somewhere that sold helium balloons. We got three balloons, one to represent each year.

We thought about taking a trip to where Peter is buried, but couldn't because Zach had to work that weekend. It was also the same weekend of his promotion ceremony, not to mention that it is a three and a half hour drive one way, and we didn't have anyone to stay overnight with. I look forward to our next chance to visit and spend some time in that peaceful cemetery surrounded by cotton fields. It really is one of my favorite places.

Happy third birthday, my sweet Peter. We love you.

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