Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fourteen for 2014

Sometimes we get discouraged about all the things we didn't do - goals we failed to achieve, or just things we didn't make the time for. Instead of lamenting and feeling guilty about what we missed this past year, let's focus on some of the positive, uplifting, and even hard things we've done- even if they were unplanned and not a "goal".

Here are fourteen accomplishments we achieved in 2014!

1. Bought A Mini Van

We were already looking for a mini van in anticipation of the new baby, but kicked the search into over gear after my Escape randomly wouldn't start one day. Luckily, we found the perfect thing and were able to buy it within a few days. 

2. Hosted Weekly Preschool Ballet Class at Our Home

A lovely lady in our ward offered to teach free weekly ballet classes for preschool age kids. We offered our home as a ballet studio since we have a large front room that is completely empty. 

The Halloween dance class. Elsa, a Cloud, and Aurora are learning how to pique.

The first dance class at our home. Clara is mesmerized by it all.

3. Went to Alaska for My Grandmother's Funeral

My grandma Beryl Walther died at age 92 this summer, and we were fortunate enough to be able to go to her funeral and also visit family in Alaska while there. 

See post with details here.

4. Went to Salt Lake City for Emily's Wedding

Very short, but sweet trip! Oh, I am so glad I decided to go! I miss my family so much, and barely even had enough time to visit with them before having to head back to Texas. I bought the ticket to go three days before the wedding and luckily everyone was gracious enough to help me get to and from the airport, and find somewhere to sleep for the one night I was there. 

I left Texas Sunday afternoon, got to Salt Lake City Sunday evening, spent a little time with family before hitting the hay, woke up the next morning to get ready for the sealing at 9am, attended the luncheon, went back to the hotel room to pack, headed to the airport, and got back to Texas around 11pm on Monday night. Whew! A whirlwind trip. 

Everything was so lovely, and I just wish Zach and the girls could have come with me, and that we could have spent more time with my family before having to head back. 

Me and the blushing bride! My sister, Emily. 

Daddio sandwich. 

The picture heard 'round the internet: Posting this picture to Facebook and Instagram was an unplanned announcement of our pregnancy. Surprise! We're having a baby boy on February 10, 2015.

The lovely bride and groom, now husband and wife.

The night before: Boyd and I surprising Andrew with Boyd's unexpected visit from Alaska!

My dad and I walking around Salt Lake City Temple Square the night before the wedding. 

I love my family! Wish I would have taken more pictures of the rest of my siblings that were there too!

5. House Guests! 

If you know me at all, you know I love it when people come to visit us! Living so far away from family and friends, I relish any opportunity we get to see them. 

This year we hosted:
Kay & Greg, Boyd, Andrew &  Trent; my dear friend Joree & Family, and Zach's brother Levi

Lucy and Clara enjoying some snuggle time with their new friend, J.

Brotherly Love. And games.

6. Zach Got His Master's Degree!

Hooray! I've always been so impressed with Zach's ambition and dedication to get the most out of his education. He has definitely taken advantage of all his education opportunities, and been able to go to school for free, or even make money while doing it! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Good job, Zach! 

7. Clara Helmet

Made it through, and her head is looking good. 

8. Nursing Clara for Over a Year


Lucy and I struggled a lot with nursing when she was a baby, and I barely had the opportunity to nurse Peter, so with Clara I really wanted to have a good experience and try to nurse successfully for at least a year. 

I was so happy that we were able to! And she was fat and happy the whole time. This one definitely felt like an accomplishment. 

9. Big Lou's Group Date Night in June

So much fun! I am so glad we were able to go on this giant group date. I had never heard of Big Lou's before going. They specialize in huge pizzas, and we were not disappointed! 

I would definitely go back again, you just need to make sure you have enough people to help you eat it all!

This one is almost feels like three accomplishments: 

1. Getting a babysitter and going on a formal date
2. Going on a group activity and making more friends!
3. Trying a new place to eat that ends up being somewhere we would want to go back to

Sweethearts Forever.

Lady and the Tramp Style

10. Lucy Gave Her First Talk in Church

On August 24, 2014 Lucy gave her first talk in Primary. The topic was "Participating in wholesome activities will strengthen my family." 

Zach helped her write and practice it, I added the drawings and color coding to help her be able to recite most of it herself. 

So cute. 

11. Taught laurels on Sunday

In April I was called to teach the Laurel class (16-18 year old girls) on Sundays. This is probably one of my favorite callings ever. I love to teach, I love the youth, and that age group is the best! I am very blessed to have been able to work with an amazing group of young women. They have spiritual maturity and a willingness to participate, share, and learn. 

It's such a fun and full time in life. Dating, school, family, getting ready for college and the next phase of life as they transition from a youth to an adult. It's also a unique role for me as I transition from a "teacher/leader" to a peer as they become older and graduate from high school and the young women's program, and join Relief Society.  

I was so blessed as a youth to have had the influence of so many amazing women as youth leaders and teachers. I am grateful and humble to be able to pay it forward and try to teach and help these young women grow and become closer to the women they will become. What a neat and wonderful season of life! I love it!

12. Learned How to do Old Hollywood Glam Hair

Something I've wanted to learn how to do is style my hair like they did in the golden days of Hollywood. I tried a couple attempts, and this was my best outcome. I think I could still use more practice and research, but I loved at least getting closer to my goal!

If anyone has any good tutorials they've seen, please leave the link in the comment section below!

About to go to Young Women In Excellence.

13. Zach Got Promoted! 

They had a big promotion ceremony for him, and during it Zach presented me with a dozen roses, and gave Lucy one too. She loved it, and so did I! Good work, Zach!

Thank you, sweetheart!

14. Sang in a Quartet for Church Christmas Program

I love singing in a ward choir. I am not the strongest singer, and don't have a lot of musical training, but I get such a sense of camaraderie, friendship, and happiness by being a part of the choir and being willing to share, and use, any (small) talents I have. I especially love going together with Zach and sharing the choir experience with him. 

When our church congregation split last spring, our choir kind of went on hiatus because we no longer had our pianist. A few months after that, our conductor moved. I was so happy to hear them call a new choir director this fall, and start practicing for the Christmas program. 

One of my girlfriends asked if i would be interested in being in a small group number with her, and we recruited two altos to sing with us.  We sang "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel."  I thought it turned out well! 

A solo is definitely not within my comfort zone, but a quartet was perfect! 

Any unplanned, unexpected, or small achievements you made in 2014? Share below! It feels good to identify and acknowledge the things you've accomplished. Try it!           

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