Thursday, March 5, 2015

Christmas Activities 2014

We enjoyed a lot of fun Christmas activities this year.

First up was decorating our home! Lucy and I put up all the Christmas decorations one day when Zach was at work to surprise him. I love the cozy and magical feel they add to our home.

Stockings hung by the chimney with care, while I am always dreaming of a white Christmas. 

Next we celebrated St. Nicholas Day by putting our shoes out by the fireplace in hopes that we were good enough that St. Nick would reward us with treats! We were not disappointed!

Zach got a game and Hello Panda cookies and I got Hello Panda cookies. pajamas, and makeup.

Lucy was so excited to try on her new pajamas that she immediately took off her old pajamas, and had to wrap herself up in this blanket so that I could take a picture of her with her treasures, which included: Candy cane stripe pajamas, cat ear headband, Hello Panda cookies, white church tights, polka dot hair bow. 

Clara loved her new maracas, pj's, and Hello Panda cookies. 

The next fun family activity we enjoyed in December included a surprise family date planned by Zach! We went to the Clay Festival at the Art Museum, which included free admission to the museum for the day.

I didn't take any pictures of the ceramics and clay, but I did snap a few pictures of some of my favorite paintings from their collection.

Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevada's, 1870
Albert Bierstadt

Low Tide, Hetherington's Cove , Grand Manan,1881
Alfred Thompson Bricher

Blue Bonnets at Late Afternoon, 1915
Robert Julian Onderdonk

We enjoyed spending time relaxing together on a Sabbath afternoon.

Zach and Lucy watching scripture stories on his phone together.

Clara and I snuggling as matching stripe twins.

Lastly, we enjoyed a very special family night watching a live nativity that several local churches (including ours) collaborated on together. I was brought to tears while listening to the special musical number performed by one of the volunteers who dressed as a shepherd as he sang about the birth of the Savior.

This was my favorite family Christmas activity this year, and can't wait to attend next year. Maybe we will even volunteer and dress up as angels or shepherds ourselves. I loved the sweet spirit I felt as we watched the scriptures being played out before us.

Lucy's favorite part was the baby Jesus doll.

Enjoying the finale, and joining in singing Christmas hymns. 

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