Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Family Night: Crepes

Our friends invited us over for a family night dinner of delicious homemade crepes. Yum! I had never had crepes before, but by the end of the night I had enjoyed many and had even learned to make them myself!

Here is the recipe shared by our gracious host.

Crepes (Or Danish Pancakes)

1 egg
1/3 Cup of flour
2/3 Cup of milk
pinch of salt
little vanilla (optional)

Filling Combinations:

  • Strawberries, nutella, and whipped cream
  • Banana, nutella, peanut butter
  • Cream cheese, spinach
  • Powdered sugar & lemon or lime juice
  • Maple syrup & powdered sugar
  • Jam or jelly 
  • Banana & caramel sauce
  • Salsa, eggs, cheese
  • Ham & cheese
  • Spinach, mushrooms, provolone 

Yield: Roughly three crepes, depending on size.
Multiply these amounts for however many people/crepes you want.


  1. Mix together ingredients to form batter. 
  2. Warm pan on stove top and spray with Pam.
  3. Pour 1/2 cup of batter into pan and roll pan around to evenly distribute batter.
  4. Wait a few minutes until crepe is cooked through (not moist on top) and then flip it over to finish it off. 
  5. Stack on serving plate, and repeat until batter is gone.
  6. Fill finished crepes with delicious fillings, and enjoy!

Strawberry, nutella, and whipped cream. 

Fancy crepe pan.

Roll it around.

Nifty spatula with rubber coating, perfect for crepe making.

This is a perfect dessert for a ladies luncheon, shower, or activity. They are really cheap to make, offer lots of variety for all taste preferences, and can be pre-made and warmed up before serving.

Crepes for all!

What flavor combinations would you recommend for my next attempt?


  1. I really like lemon juice with regular sugar (vs. the powdered). I also like to throw all the batter ingredients into the blender--no lumps or elbow grease :)

    1. Nat, that is a brilliant idea! :D Love and miss you so!


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