Thursday, May 10, 2012

Remembering Peter: Framed Handprints

I love having pictures and reminders of Peter around my home. It always makes me smile and take a moment to stop and think about him. 

I had an extra set of hand prints made by Peter while he was still in the NICU so that I could use them later in a project like this. His little hand prints are even more special to me because they show and remind me of his clenched hands, overlapping fingers, and partial syndactyly of his fingers which are some characteristics of those born with Trisomy 18.

They are his own unique little stamp of identity. Individual to him. I miss holding those tiny hands with skin so soft you could barely tell you were touching anything. 

I wish infinite kisses on those precious hands. 

Day 3 of life on Earth

Day 5

Day 5

Day 6 - With Dad

Day 42: Happy Six Week Birthday!

I just want to kiss this baby!


Frame- $1.00 at garage sale
White card stock
Black construction paper
White paper with hand prints- done at hospital by nurses 
Clear photo corners
Glue stick
Paper cutter

  1. Ask the nurses to make an extra set of hand prints from your new baby on white papers (they used a blank note pad from their office for ours).
  2. Cut white card stock to fit in frame, cut black construction paper 1/4 inch shorter on each side than white card stock.  Center black paper on the white card stock. Use glue stick to glue black paper down on the white card stock background.
  3.  Center the papers with the hand prints on the black paper. Use the clear photo corners on the corners of the hand print papers and press down to secure hand prints to black background.
  4. Insert assembled mat into frame. 

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