Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrifted: Pink Glass & Brass

Oh, how I love a deal. The thrill of the hunt and victory of finding a treasure in the middle of a whole lotta junk.

Here are a few of my finds from a few months ago.

Short brass candlestick holder: $0.69, Gold and pink Neiman Marcus decanter: $2.00, Pink glass: $0.29,
Tall brass candlestick holder: $1.29

Neiman Marcus Decanter: $2.00

Lucy modeling her new favorite accessory: Purse for $0.69

Blown glass vase: $0.50

The new home for this is the mantle above the fireplace. 

Set of six: $0.29 each

Perfect for a hot cocoa party.

Various cuff links and tie bar as a gift for my brother.

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