Friday, May 4, 2012

Pool Party

We went to a birthday pool party for one of Lucy's friends from church. She had a blast playing in the water and loved going down the slide over, and over, and over. So much so that I am seriously considering getting her a kiddie pool with slide for her own birthday present.

After the cake, presents, and all the other kids left, Lucy was the last girl standing and having a ball playing by herself. Eventually she started to shiver (despite the very warm temperatures) and I made her get out, get dressed, and forced her to cuddle with me wrapped up in a blanket inside while I bribed her to sit still with a cookie. 

Thanks for inviting us for all the food and fun!

Birthday boy!

Making a wish and blowing out his candles.

Lucy giving the birthday boy a congratulatory hug. 

This little one was fearless!

Lu hangin' with her buddy M from church.

The best part of the party.

Best day ever.

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  1. I love her BUTT shot! She is so stinken cute!


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