Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby B Birthday Party

Our friends invited us to celebrate baby B's birthday with pizza, cake, and a bouncy house. We loved it and so did Lu. Lucy was the oldest attendee at the party, and so took advantage of all the room in the bounce house and jumped up a storm (jumping being one of her current favorite pastimes).

After coming inside she decided she wanted to bounce some more and enjoyed jumping in the baby bouncer.

Lucy has gotten quite adapt at singing Happy Birthday after celebrating so many birthdays this past month. 

Can't get enough bounce!

Birthday girl snugglin' with Zach.

Forcing two babies into the Bounce House. Hurry! Zip it up!

Queen of the Bounce House!

B trying to stay cool in the shade.

J also trying to stay cool in the shade.

Two babies wishing they were able to jump. Both settling for shade tanning in the corner.

S excited for her baby boy to come!


So lovely together.

Cake time!

Or is it snuggle time?

Lucy is hot and flushed after so much jumping!

Strawberry cupcakes. Mmm!

B trying to decide if she wants her cheeto puff or a cupcake more.

All the loot.

So tuckered out from all the partying.

We love to party! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you R family!


  1. Love your hair in braids, T! Glorious!

    1. Thank you so much, Chantelle! <3

  2. Man, I want a beanbag like that. And a big cupcake. So funny that the babies just laid there in the bounce house!!!

    1. Me too! I love those huge Love Sacks. I know, the moms had to force them in for them to even try it out. haha. They were not too sure about it.


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