Saturday, June 9, 2012

Peter's Memorial: Eight Months

Every time Lucy sees a balloon, or picture of a balloon, she points it out and tells us it is for Peter. I'm glad she has things to help her remember him and remind her of him. 

Lately I have noticed that it seems like she understands a little bit more about where he is and often expresses to me that she misses him. Partly it is her mimicking what she hears from us, but I also sense her own sadness and genuine missing of him. 

We try to use these conversations as teaching moments and remind her that Peter's spirit is in heaven with Jesus and Heavenly Father, and that his body is in the ground at his grave.  We encourage her to send him love and kisses and we send along a few of our own.

Sending Peter kisses.


  1. Oh what wonderful parents you are. I get the feeling that Lucy knows and definitely loves the sweet brother of hers; it is so special and good the keep memories of dear loved ones in our families! My prayers still include your sweet family...


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