Saturday, June 23, 2012

Luciticus Podgekins

I'm sitting here with ol' Lullabelle, while mom gets a little sleep. Lucy has been putting together some serious sentences and stories lately. She loves her bunny named "Money," and was laying her blanket over him and saying "Good night!" I asked her if she was going to tuck him in and say a prayer with him. She tucked him a bit and then reached down and took off the blanket. I figured she was moving on to do something else, but she grabbed her bunnies arms and folded them. She told her bunny, "Close your eyes!" and then sat for a few seconds.

"Thank you for food, and thank you for food, and thank you for food.. thanks for mommy, and thanks for daddy, and thanks for Peter, *mumble mumble* Jesus Christ, Amen."

I told her she did a good job and she scampered off to go eat some of her beloved food.


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