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Ipsy: July 2013

What is Ipsy?

Ipsy/Glam Bag is a subscription beauty service. You can sign up for a year, or just one month at a time. (I am doing one month at a time to see how I like it. So far, I love it!) You can cancel at any time with the monthly subscription. If you choose to buy it monthly, they only charge you at the beginning of the month. Right now there is often a waiting list when you sign up, so you might not get your first bag (and charge) until the next month.

I was on the wait list for about two weeks. I signed up in the middle of June after they had already sent out the bags for that month, but got off the wait list in time to get the bag for July.

They also offer incentives and contests to win more beauty products by reviewing the products from that months bag and making Youtube video reviews.

What do you get?

Each month you receive a new makeup bag and five or so beauty products based on that months theme. July's theme was Beach Beauty.

When you sign up you take a beauty survey to determine your beauty preferences, skin tone, hair color, etc. to help select the best products in your personalized bag. This month there were ten main products, and each person got five products based on the answers to their survey.

July Glam Bag

This is a picture of the average bag received. The only difference between this one and the one I got was that instead of the Benetint lip stain, I got a bottle of Nailtini Mai Tai nail polish.

Nailtini nail polish in Mai Tai

Some examples of other variations in the bags is what color of Pop Beauty Crayon you got, getting the Coola sunscreen moisturizer tinted or non-tinted, and getting the Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray (shown above) or the Sexy Hair weatherproof hairspray.

What I love about Ipsy:

1. Only $10 a month:
It more than pays for itself with the quality of the items you get. Not to mention the makeup bag. $10 a month works into my monthly budget great.

2. A variety of items:
It gives you a nice variety of products each month, so there is always something fun to try out. If you don't love the color of the lip gloss, then you can sell or trade it, and try out the cool eye shadows.

(PS. Anything unused that you don't want to keep, would make excellent bridal or baby shower gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.)

3. Trying new things:
It is perfect for getting out of your beauty rut, and taking new risks with your beauty routine and products. You don't have to spend money on a full-size (and price) item, only to find out that it isn't your cup of tea.

4. Anticipation:
Looking forward to something is half of the enjoyment! My girlfriends and I talk about each "sneak peak" picture posted on the website or on Facebook. We talk about what colors and items we hope we get, and we eagerly follow the tracking of our shipment via online tracking codes once we get our confirmation email that our bag is on its way. Besides, who doesn't love getting real mail? And packages are even better!

So exciting!

5. Camaraderie:
This was touched on above, but it is fun to have something to share with your friends. You are all eagerly awaiting your next makeup bag, and can't wait to show each other what you got, and how it looks on you. For $10 a month, it is cheaper than dinner and a movie!

What do you think? Is a beauty subscription something that you would like to get?

So far I have been loving it, and am super excited to get my bag for August!

I think it would be an awesome anniversary or valentines gift, and would love to give a three-month subscription for a baby or bridal shower gift.

Click here to sign up!

If you already subscribe to Ipsy, leave me your username so I can follow you!

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