Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#4 Pinspiration: Valentine's Brunch

Always ready to try another pin or two! (See 2012 Goals.)

For V-day I made Cinnamon Roll Waffles with Peppered Bacon. Mmmmmm. So good. This was probably the best bacon I've ever had, fyi. Thick cut and peppered.

The Pinspiration:
Here and here.

I love me some Martha bacon brilliance here.

This is by far my favorite way to cook bacon! Easy, less fat, and all done at once! It is SO much easier to clean up with the tin foil underneath.

The only change I would make is to put the bacon on a cooling rack on top of the foil so the drippings fall away from the bacon and it is not just sitting in the grease.

Baked Bacon


Tin foil
Cookie sheet with edges
(I would add cooling racks)

Preheat oven to 375. Bake bacon for 20 minutes. When done, take out and let cool before enjoying. Mmm.


Cinnamon Roll Waffles

One package of refrigerated cinnamon rolls
Pam cooking spray
Fresh strawberries
Toppings of your choice (most cinnamon rolls come with icing- I prefer something else)

Warm waffle iron. Open Cinnamon roll package and pull apart rolls- set aside. Spray inside with Pam and place cinnamon roll inside. Press lid closed and let cook for a few minutes. (2-3) Don't overcook! 
Carefully take finished waffle out without burning yourself. Plate, top with strawberries, etc., and enjoy!

I think these would be better with homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade cream cheese frosting (instead of cream cheese flavored), and a round waffle iron. 

I used the Grands Cinnabon.

My preferred toppings.

Spray with Pam, press down lid for a few minutes.


  1. That looks really delicious! It's making my mouth water just looking at it.

    1. If you ever want to come visit, I will make you a tasty breakfast. ;)


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