Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remembering Peter: Locket

Zach's mom and dad gave me a locket for Christmas. It is a small, silver and glass locket with a minimalist look to it.

I love it! I finally put something in it (a lot harder than you might think). It is difficult to find a picture with a face small enough to fit, but I had one that I had been saving for this very occasion. I bought a circle cutter to make the picture look as nice as possible and fit perfectly in the locket.

The plan: Lucy and Peter on one side, Zach on the other

I love all the options possible with this locket! You can change the look of it so quickly and find so many different treasures to put inside it!

SMALL Glass Memory Locket, for photo keepsakes, charms, love notes - 24 inch sterling chainSMALL Glass Memory Locket, for photo keepsakes, charms, love notes - 24 inch sterling chain

Lucy loves looking at it and always tells me how "pretty" it is. I love having pictures of the three people I love most right at my fingertips and close to my heart. Having pictures of Peter around makes me so happy and it always fills my heart with love and joy whenever I see his little face.

Lockets are a great way to remember someone you love.

Most lockets are nice for hiding whatever is inside, but this glass locket celebrates what you hold close to your heart by showing the world.

Here are a few other lockets I found that I love, if you are in the market lockets are excellent Valentine's gifts!

Teal Blue Enamel Locket - 16k Gold Plated Necklace

Here is a beautiful blue enamel locket. $26 here.

Coral Enamel Charm Locket -16k Gold Plated Necklace

Or you can go the more traditional route with a pretty coral pink enamel. $26 here.
(Many other beautiful color choice at the website. I love the black, too!)

Human Heart Locket

Go literal with this awesome anatomically correct heart locket. $42 here.
(Am I the only one who loves this kind of thing?)

Shiny silver envelope locket necklace, I love you note, dainty bow, romantic necklace
A romantic love letter locket. $28.50 here.

Teeny Tiny Charm Locket Necklace-Triple Edition- Pastel Colored Hand Painted Enamel Lockets

Triple the love with these mini pastel-hued beauties. I love this for pictures of three different people. $28 here.

Valentine Tiny Jeweled Treasure Locket - Miniature Locket with Swarovski Crystal Elements

For the lady that likes to sparkle. $38 here.

Wish-Prayer Locket - Music lover / Music notes necklace

Make her wishes come true with this music wish locket. $39 here.

 VALENTINE'S DAY Fortune Cookie Proposal / Wish Locket Necklace in Sterling Silver

Cute fortune cookie locket (comes with personalized fourtune!). $117 here.

Brass Bee Locket Necklace

I am so into bees right now, and this is simple and beautiful. A great gift for a mother in your life. $21 here.

Red Plaid Locket - Vintage Red Plaid Button Locket Necklace

Plaid locket with lots of charm. $34 here.

Secret Vial Canister Locket with Acron Charms

Acorn vial perfect for secrets or love notes. $36 here.

Key to my Heart Locket Necklace - Lock and Key, Victorian Style LaceKey to my Heart Locket Necklace - Lock and Key, Victorian Style Lace

Lock and key Victorian lace bamboo wood locket. Gorg! $34 here.

Locket - Glass - Double Sided - Sterling Silver - Shards - Slivers - Filled - Movement - Necklace - Shake Collection

Don't know what to put in a locket? No prob! This mesmerizing locket comes with silver glass slivers permanently sealed inside. $58 here.

Locket - Glass - Double Sided - Silver - Filled - Snowflake - White - Vintage - Keepsake - Necklace - Captured Collection

I love everything snow because it reminds me of home. This captured snowflake can be exchanged for other keepsakes as well. $38 here.

Ink And Snow-Fine Art Photo Locket Necklace-Grande Edition

Add a little mystery to your Valentine's day with this little lovely. $60 here.

Little Blue Ornate Locket, Oval Pendant, Small Necklace, 14kt Gold Filled Chain, SImple and Delicate

Something blue.  $25.50 here.

Spring Tulips-Fine Art Photo Locket Necklace

Welcome spring with this little beauty. $40 here.

Valentine's Day Vintage Style Red Heart Locket Necklace, hand embroidered, round locket

And finally, the creme de la creme! This gorgeous hand embroidered locket would make any lady's heart skip a beat with your picture inside. $88 here.

If you don't end up giving a locket for Valentine's day, remember this gift and feel free to use it as an anniversary, birthday, or mother's day gift. Every woman should have a beautiful locket given to her by someone she loves to treasure and pass on as a family heirloom.

It's the perfect gift! And as you see above, there are many ways to customize it to the interests and tastes of the person.

Happy hunting and let me know what you end up giving!


  1. I would love to have a locket one day. Breanna would slobber it to death! My mom has one that we got her with all the families birthstones and Breanna slobbered it so bad the jewels where just one big clump! We have to let it air out and rinse the jewels!
    I love that you can put different things in that locket though! Talk about bringing Peter along with you everywhere and keeping him apart of you!

    1. I love it! I think I might want to get the large one they offer too, that holds bigger items/pictures. Etsy has so many awesome options for beautiful and unique jewelry.
      Every woman needs a locket! :D


  2. It is very nice & beautiful Blog on Memory Locket. I Love It…


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