Monday, February 6, 2012

Remembering Peter: Cowboy

I talked about Cowboy in my letter to Peter here

I've never really been one to have a security blanket, but I love having my mini Cowboy to snuggle with at night when I go to sleep. The white minky backing is so soft and comforting. 

During the day I am usually fine and don't stop to think about our loss, and just go on with life. But when the day is done, the house is quiet, and I lay in bed trying to go to sleep and holding the blanket, my mind inevitably starts to think about Peter. It is a strong reminder of his death- as he is buried with it's twin.

Those nights have been some of my saddest moments as the blanket reminds me of Peter- and I lay in the dark. It is good to have that quiet time to just think and remember. I don't like to cry and be sad generally, but it is good to grieve and have a few moments to yourself to do so. 

I am so glad I have this small reminder and token that I can hold to think of Peter.

Peter enjoying the original Cowboy

Double snuggled in blankets

Peter spending his last night with Dad- snuggling

My mini Cowboy

The swirled minky back

Mini Cowboy in it's proper place- beside my pillow in the body pillow nest


  1. This warms my heart! Love you Tracy!

    1. You are the angel who sewed them for us! We are eternally grateful. They are perfect. <3


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