Sunday, August 5, 2012

Art Lesson: Watercolor Hearts- Color Mixing

Inspiration found here.

For my example piece I started with violet and added a little bit of red to each heart until the end of the line then repeated the pattern by starting with pure red to start the next line of hearts and added a little bit of orange to each heart, etc. down the line and through the color wheel until I had used each color combination.

For A's I let her choose whichever colors she wanted and have complete creative freedom after showing her how to mix colors. Hers turned out great!

I love the results we got and especially love Lucy's piece along with mine hanging on the refrigerator. It makes me smile every day when I see them there together. Lucy loves making "artwork" and has been asking me every day this week if she can make some. Nothing makes me happier!

A's final piece.

My hearts and Lucy's color explosion.

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