Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Lucy and I have been working on this project for awhile and we finally completed it! 

Happy Father's Day, Zach!

Lucy's artwork is on the top, and mine is on the bottom.

I thrifted the frame a few months ago and this is what it looked like:

Oh, you're wondering "what is bread?" Don't worry, here is a close up.


I took the bread print out of the frame, washed the glass, sanded the wood frame, spray painted the frame white, and cut a white poster board to fit as the new mat. 

I did a crayon drawing and then painted over it with watercolors to start the project.

Lucy used crayons in the color scheme I had already chosen to do my piece in, and then painted over the crayon drawing with watercolors for the final touch. 

After both paintings dried I centered the two pieces where I wanted them on the white poster board mat and used clear photo corners to secure them in place. I reassembled the frame with the new artwork in it, and voila! A masterpiece! 

You can't stop at one! I pulled out a second crayon drawing of hers to work on while we were at it.

Additional Father's Day Gift: Thrifted tie for Sunday

The final product.

It looks great it it's new home! Lucy loves talking about her artwork and explaining to me that it is "her artwork" and "mom's artwork".

PS. This morning when Lucy was saying her morning prayer over her cereal and banana, this is what she said: "Father in Heaven, thank you for artwork and artwork. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Music to my ears!

Love that girl.

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